Our team

Vitrales el Salvador: Our Team

Vitrales El Salvador is made up of passionate human beings who care deeply about stained glass art and making unique, handmade glass items.

We have various production teams where architects, designers, and artisans work together in harmony. We also have management, infrastructure, and quality control services that guarantee operational excellence, when it comes to our handmade manufacturing process and eco-friendly approach.

100% teamwork

Creating our art items involves excellent teamwork: the people dealing with glass cutting, carpentry, assembling, sanding, painting, baking, etc. must each have a common goal. A lot of group effort and dedication goes into every step of creating a stunning final piece.

Margarita Llort, Glass artist & Founder

Margarita Llort

Miguel Saade, General Manager & Founder

Vitrales El Salvador also includes the following teams:

  • Wrought iron team
  • Woodworking Team
  • Design Team
  • Glass craftsmen
  • Administrative team

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Many of our artisans come from the construction field, where they worked on temporary projects. We offer them continuous training to become specialized professionals in glass art.

Margarita Llort, artist and pioneer of stained glass in El Salvador leads our team of artisans who have mastered techniques like Tiffany stained glass, SGO stained glass, beveled, molten glass, mosaic, sandblasting and blown glass.

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Most of these artisans have been in our company for over a decade, which has had a great impact on the social and economic development of their families, providing them with a stable and professional job.

We are passionate about what we do, and we do it with love. We support and share our culture and local talent. That - together with constantly mastering new glass art techniques - has been the key to our growth, allowing us to stay top of mind and diversify our products.