Our techniques, processes, and materials

Our techniques

Our artisans have mastered the following glass art techniques:

Tiffany stained glass window technique: The design is transferred to glass pieces that are welded with copper, tin, and lead.

SGO stained glass (Stained Glass Overlay): This looks like traditional stained glass, but with the artistic part on one side.

Beveled: Consists of scraping the glass surface and then polishing it until you reach the desired shape. Finally, the shine is removed, allowing the sun to reveal its colors.

Molten glass: Glass pieces are cut to form a pattern and then baked at high temperatures to blend. We also glass powders from upcycled materials.

Blown glass: Using a blowtorch to shape red-hot glass we can obtain different and charming shapes both in jewels and in small glass sculptures.

Sandblasting: This procedure implies carving the design in glass using a high-pressured sand stream. We can create elegant effects by applying sheets of gold, silver, copper or paint.

Baked paint: The glass is colored with grayish paint and then goes through a baking process at over 600 degrees Celsius, allowing the work to stick and last forever.

Mosaic: The design is handmade by sticking together pieces of glass and creating unique designs.

The process

At Vitrales El Salvador, each of these techniques is developed handmade by our skilled artisans.

We value original ideas and work closely alongside our clients to tailor the project to their unique needs. Our experience allows us to offer advice, helping our clients make the right choices in terms of the design, color combinations, and materials.

We value originality when it comes to:

1. The fundamental concept

2. Digital design

3. Template preparation and technical specifications

4. Cutting and assembling parts according to specs

5. Casting the parts

6. Assembling the parts

7. Final touches

Our materials

We work with both raw materials and upcycled glass, as well as with other materials which blend with stained glass and ornamental items such as:

  • High-quality artistic glass imported from the United States.

  • Super recycled glass: we practice upcycling to ensure zero waste. The leftover glass from large projects is reused or transformed into powder to create new supplies and other features. 

  • Bottles: we use every part of the bottle to create decorative and functional items like coasters, cheese dishes, and lamps.

    Most of our decorative pieces are molded with wrought iron, stainless steel and wood.