This impressive collection is inspired by Margarita Llort de Saade, pioneer of glass art in El Salvador since 1982 and founder of Vitrales where she has formed a team of specialized craftsmen who support our work.


The fusion of the art of Fernando Llort with the expertise in glass of Margarita Llort gives life to the collection: “Artesanos de Luz”( Light Artisans) whose result is colorful glass pieces inspired by the extensive artistic work of the renowned Salvadoran painter.


SalvaNATURA and Vitrales join efforts to raise awareness and plant the seed of consciousness about the beauty and value of our environment through the creation of "VitroNATURA" collection, eco friendly glass art inspired by nature.

Religious art

Enjoy our line of beautiful decorative pieces inspired by religious scenes. The Holy Family, the Virgin Mary, Jesus, angels and archangels are an excellent option when we want to give a special gift or decorate a spiritual space in our home.


Cheese trays, coasters, napkin holders, hot holders, tea boxes and a variety of utilitarian pieces are part of the products we have to beautify your day by day. Handmade in different techniques of glass art as well as from the recycling of used glass bottles, always with our commitment to create eco-friendly products.


Fusing and Blown Glass techniques give life to delicate pieces of jewelry that become trendy accessories that will give a special touch to your outfit. Choose between our 3 collections.


Give a different and original recognition, choose from our variety of glass awards: Options: • Pieces of our collections adding a personalized recognition plaque • Elegant color or transparent plaques ready to engrave and with very fast delivery time.


We invite you to try the glass experience, make your own creations!