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About Vitrales El Salvador

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We are an innovative and creative company, recognized leader in the manufacture of glass pieces, with particular attention to their transparencies, textures, brightness, and colors. 

Since 2003, we have been creating works of art, functional items, decorative figures, awards, mosaics, and the traditional stained glass windows which embellish churches, residences, and corporate buildings.

Our works are 100% handmade by artisans using eco-friendly materials and processes, following the guidelines of architects and designers, and led by the stained glass artist and El Salvador-based pioneer, Margarita Llort. We strive to deliver original and high-quality products that allow our clients to share their feelings, values, ​​and elements of the Salvadoran culture.

Our work is supported by a management team, an infrastructure that incorporates digital technology and quality assurance in our hand-made production processes. We also have the support of Ferroconstructora, a company with more than 30 years of experience that provides a complete service for the installation of works at any scale, with a team of experienced professionals.

Our History

Vitrales was founded in 2003 by stained glass artist Margarita Llort and her son - architect Miguel Saade - with the aim of unleashing her creativity and designing pieces of art in high-quality glass, with added aesthetic value.

Margarita Llort

Our beginnings go back as far as 1982, in the garden of their house in San Salvador. Margarita was moved by a growing passion for glass art and a deep knowledge of the technique of modern stained glass, which breaks with the rigidity of traditional stained glass to generate movement, shape, and color when bathed in light.

Margarita discovered that this expression of art - whose material seems so cold and fragile to the touch - is actually firm and colorful. She was immediately amazed by the plastic versatility of glass, and she turned this admiration into a true passion for the art of stained glass. 

Initially, her work focused on the Tiffany stained glass technique, which she began to offer by word of mouth to her acquaintances. Through the quality and creativity of her work, she quickly moved on to major, large scale projects for important churches and businesses in El Salvador.

In 2003 Margarita and her son decided to turn this venture into a formal company by opening their gallery in Santa Elena, Antiguo Cuscatlán, where they began training in the new techniques of glass art from the USA and Barcelona, ​​thus also diversifying the range of products on offer, alongside the training of new artisans.

To date, they have built a team of 16 specialized artisans who have mastered several of the most important techniques of glass art: Tiffany stained glass, SGO stained glass, beveled glass, cast glass, mosaic, sandblasting and blown glass, which they are currently learning. 

With effort and perseverance, they created a number of home decor items, paintings, dishes, kitchen utensils, awards, jewelry and architectural details in glass that have managed to reach clients across borders, as special personal and corporate gifts, or architectural details that enhance residential, religious, and commercial spaces while sharing the Central American identity, culture, and natural abundance through their designs and colors.

Our mission

We aim to provide the best option for specialized stores and companies looking for decorative pieces, innovative gifts, prizes and recognitions with a personalized touch and hand-made, eco-friendly materials. 

Tienda Vitrales El Salvador

We would also like to share our experience in stained glass and glass art with architects and interior decorators, meeting their creative needs with world-class colored glass and unique architectural details.

Company information

Address: Boulevard Orden de Malta Sur N°12-13, Santa Elena y C.C. La Gran Vía, Antiguo Cuscatlán, El Salvador.

Telephone: (503) 2289-2910 / 2289-9216

PBX: (503) 2289-2910 y (503) 2289-9216