Our techniques, processes, and materials

The techniques

Our artisans dominate several of the most important techniques of glass art:

Tiffany technical stained glass window: The design translates into glass pieces that are linked with copper, tin and lead welding.

Molten glass: Corted glass pieces to assemble a design are baked at high temperatures for fusion. We also use pieces and glass powders that result from UPCyCling of the leftovers of other projects.

Blown glass: It allows to achieve very varied and attractive forms both in jewelry and in small glass sculptures using torch and shaping the glass alive.

Sandblasting: The design is recorded in glass when eroding with a stream of sand under pressure. Protecting and exposing different areas of glass effects and depths are achieved that can be reinforced when applying gold, silver, copper or paint leaves.

Baked paint: For the stained glass glass the glass is colored with gray paint, which is completely attached when passing through a cooking process to more than 600 degrees Celsius, allowing the work to last forever.

Mosaic: The design is forming by hand on a surface, hitting glass pieces that result in unique designs. If you want to learn this technique, come to our mosaic classes in San Salvador.

The process

Each of these techniques is made by hand by the artisans of El Salvador stained glass, a badge in the history of the brand from its origins.

In each project we value the original ideas and work next to the client, following its indications and tastes. We deliver recommendations based on our experience to refine details of the design, look for color combinations and choose the right materials. We value and work original ideas based on the following process:

  1. Original idea
  2. Digital design
  3. Preparation of templates and technical specifications
  4. Cut and assembly of parts according to specifications
  5. Molten of pieces
  6. Armed with pieces
  7. Final product

The materials

We work with both new raw material and suprareciclado glass, in addition to other materials that perfectly combine with the stained glass window and decorative pieces:

  • Artistic glass high quality imported from the United States.
  • Suprareciclado glass: We practice UPCyCling in order to ensure that our production process is zero waste. In addition, the remaining glass of large projects is used again or transformed into dust to turn it into new inputs and create distinctive details to the pieces.
  • Bottles: We use all its parts in the elaboration of decorative and utilitarian pieces such as coasters, cheese and lamps.
  • Most decorative pieces are mounted with forged iron, stainless steel I wood.

UPCyCling: Glass in the process of adrareciclado in our workshops in San savior