Architectural glass design details

Architectural glass design details

Vitrales by Margarita Llort is recognized for its glass architecture and for our decorations for churches, companies, and homes. We’re the best option when it comes to meeting the creative needs of architects, interior designers, and residential and corporate clients. Our details are unique and our products custom made.

Glass is so versatile that you can work with it at any scale, from creating small decorations to big projects such as stained glass and large windows. The techniques are also very flexible, ideal for experimenting and adjusting designs. At Vitrales El Salvador, we believe the only limit is your creativity.

Our Glass Architecture department works on projects such as:

  • Custom stained glass for doors and main doors with luxury finishes in solid or veneered wood. Artistic and stained glass can highlight the entrance of residences, offices, and stores.

  • Skylights, domes, and windows made with clear or colored glass with adaptable designs. They can please the most traditional and contemporary tastes, reinforcing home, office, business and institutional environments with beautiful glass architectural details. Skylights and domes are natural light sources that showcase the highest ceilings and the widest spaces.

  • Artistic and architectural glass in a variety of textures, colors and transparency levels. Our large stock of world-class glass allows us to provide a large number of decorative options for glass architectural details. They’re made from a material that enhances environments, giving them a modern and elegant look. Sold in sections cut to size, in sheets, feet, and pieces per pound.

  • Mosaics for floors, walls, paintings, swimming pools, and exteriors. Artistic and decorative structures based on a prototype and produced by sticking pieces of different glass shapes and colors on wood, cement, stone, etc. surface. This technique allows achieving geometric, figurative or abstract styles, according to our clients’ specific needs.

  • Luminaires: For more than 100 years, Tiffany lamps have been an icon of decorative art. Celebrated for their handmade beauty and known for their stained glass designs, they continue to decorate museums, hotels, and halls around the world. Knowing their value and recognizing timeless glass material in the design world motivates us to create stunning luminaires using stained glass, mosaic and molten glass techniques. The result is impactful designs that celebrate the spaces in which they are used.

Vitrales by Margarita Llort has been developing projects since 2003. The glass architecture and design team are made of expert architects, designers and artisans, led by the artist Margarita Llort—who has been working with glass since 1982—and her son, architect Miguel Saade, both founders of Vitrales.

All designs, colors, and dimensions are custom-made to suit our clients’ needs. We use software to send out proposals, taking into consideration our clients’ ideas and suggestions. As soon as the client accepts our proposal, we make a template in real size, drawing complex details such as faces and folds (for religious stained glass and unique pieces with abstract designs); we then translate the design into the glass. Subsequently, it proceeds to the cutting area where we create individual pieces (same as if it was a puzzle), which are then transferred to a light table where we apply the paint. From there, it enters the oven and ends up in the workshop, where it goes through a lead and tin welding process until we obtain a fine, individual piece of stained glass.

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Our glass architecture detail services include:

  • Design and production using a client’s idea or a Vitrales proposal 

  • Materials delivery: We are direct importers of first-class, durable and versatile artistic glass from recognized brands, as well as tools, related materials, and ovens.

  • Construction and installation of stained glass.

  • Cleaning and repairment of damaged stained glass.

  • Vintage stained glass window restoration: We have experience restoring old churches, such as 100- years-old stained glass windows from the Sacred Heart Church on Arce Street in San Salvador.

Each of the glass architecture details is handmade by Vitrales artisans, using eco-friendly materials. We’re committed to professional delivery across our projects.

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