Our team

The work of stained glass windows is backed by a human group passionate about the art of stained glass and the hand of exclusive glass pieces. Our team consists of a management level and different production areas where architects, designers and artisans participate in constant collaboration, in addition to management, infrastructure and quality control services. In this way we guarantee the operational excellence in the manufacturing processes by hand and ecoamigable.

We do a 100 % team job

Most of the pieces require great teamwork, where there are many people involved in the cut of glass, carpentry, armed, sanding, paint, baked, etc. Behind the process to obtain a beautiful, bright and colorful final piece there is a lot of effort and dedication.

Know the El Salvador Vitrales team

Margarita Llort, glass artist / founder

Miguel Saade, General Manager / Founder

El Salvador Stakes has:

  • Forged iron equipment
  • Carpentry equipment
  • Designer Team
  • Glass artisans
  • Administrative team

Molten glass work

Many of our artisans come from the field of construction, where they worked on temporary projects. When joining our team they are constantly trained to become specialized professionals of glass art. This work has been led by the artist and pioneer of the stained glass in El Salvador Margarita Llort, forming a team of artisans that dominates the most important techniques: Tiffany technical stained glass Developing the blown glass technique.

Molten glass work

Most of them have been in our company for more than a decade, which has had a great impact on the social and economic development of their families, providing them with professional and stable work.

We are passionate about doing our job and we do it with love. We like to rescue our culture and support local talent. That, together with the constant training and update in new stained glass techniques and glass art, has been the key to our growth, since it has always allowed us to be at the forefront and diversify our products.