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1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file that the website server stores on your computer or mobile device. Each cookie is unique for its web browser. It will contain anonymous information, such as a unique identifier and the name of the site, and some digits and numbers. Article 12 of the Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador, Decree No. 260 of the Law against computer and related crimes forces us not to obtain data, reserved or confidential information in a system without prior authorization. Most of the websites that you visit use cookies to improve your user experience by allowing the website to "remember it", either during the duration of your visit (using a "session cookie") or for repeated visits ( using a "persistent cookie"). Cookies can be established by the website you are visiting ("origin cookies") or can be established by other websites that run content on the page you are seeing ("third -party cookies").

2. What do cookies do?

Cookies have many different functions, such as allowing you to sail between pages efficiently, store your preferences and improve your experience on a website. Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and more easy. If a website does not use cookies, you will think you are a new visitor every time you change a new page on the site. For example, even after “logging in”, if you move to another page you will not be able to recognize that you are you and you cannot keep it connected.

3. How Vitrales By Margarita Llort use cookies?

Types by Margarita Llort uses different types of cookies to improve your experience. Vitrales by Margarita Llort uses cookies for:

4. Description of the category of use

4.1. Security

We use cookies to enable and support our security functions. For example, to authenticate members, avoid fraudulent use of login credentials and protect data from unauthorized third parties.

4.2. preferences

When you log in to your account, cookies help us to show the right information and customize your experience, providing characteristics, information and personalized content. They can also help you complete forms more easily, for example, RFI forms. The loss of information stored in a preferably cookie can make the website experience less functional, but should not prevent it from working.

4.3. Session state

We collect information about how our users and members use and interact with the site. This may include the pages that visit the members more frequently and when and where they receive error messages. We use these "session state cookies" to help improve our site and services. Block or delete these cookies will not prevent the site from working.

4.4. Analytics

These cookies help us to know the performance of our site in different locations. We use cookies to understand and improve our services and characteristics.

5. What third -party cookies use by Margarita Llort stained glass?

Trust partners such as Mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram and analysis companies such as Google Analytics can also place cookies on their device. Read the privacy policies of our partners to make sure you feel comfortable with the way they use cookies. We have also provided links to choose not to receive your services, if you wish.

6. Your rights

Currently in El Salvador, the importance of protecting the personal data that citizens shares to different public and private institutions, so that in the future each can decide who to share information and who not. Today, the preliminary draft of the Personal Data Law remains in the process of approval.

7. What should you do if you don't want cookies to be established?

Some people consider that the idea that a website that stores information on your computer or mobile device is intrusive, particularly when this information is stored and used by a third party without them knowing it. Although cookies are generally quite harmless, it is possible that, for example, you do not want to see advertising aimed at your interests using your browser's history. If you prefer, you can choose to block some or all cookies, or even eliminate cookies that have already been established; But you must keep in mind that you can lose some functions of the website. If you want to restrict or block cookies that configure our site or any other site, you can do it through the configuration of your browser. The "help" function in your browser must explain how. Alternatively, you can visit, which contains complete information on how to do this in a wide variety of browsers. You will find general information about cookies and details about how to delete cookies from your machine. To opt for third parties not to collect data on your interaction on our site, see your websites for more information.