Quote your personalized pet

We are here to help you. Tell us the idea your personalized pet, giving us the following data:

  1.  What kind of pet do you have? (Dog, cat, iguana, rabbit, fish, etc)
  2. If your pet is of a special breed please cast the name.
  3. Send us to the mail: marketing@vitrales.com.sv If possible, several photographs of good resolution/quality, of different angles of your pet. (If you do not have a photograph of several angles, you can send us only straight and side but full -body preferably so as not to lose details)
  4.  If you want your pet to have been engraved on the wood base, leave us the message you want to have.

The process to have your pet with you has a duration of 8 days and is as follows:

- When filling this form and sending us the photographs, we communicate with you to refine details.

- After completing your order, we take 3 days to make the design of your pet in digital and send it for your approval. 

- After your approval, 5 days are counted for the elaboration and delivery of the piece. We are sure you will love it!