Services for architects

Vitrales By Margarita Llort wants to share her experience offering advice services to architects, interior decorators and designers who work with glass architecture details. Since 2003 we have a team of professionals and artisans who develop important projects and today can help you in the following aspects: 

  • Design and conception of your idea,
  • Choice of the best materials for your project,
  • Try the appropriate color combinations,
  • Explore how the brightness, textures and transparency levels of artistic glass will give a touch of originality and distinction to your work when it becomes a reality,
  • Development of the project
  • Facility.

We have specialized software, which we use in our own stained glass works and glass art, which allows projecting the concepts, indications and ideas that you transmit to us, and explore the possibilities that such versatile material gives. We are the best option because our works in churches, companies and residences speak of our concern for quality and details.

The architects, designers and artisans of our glass and design architecture team, led by artist Margarita Llort and her son the architect Miguel Saade, both founders of stained glass, have the knowledge and experience to guarantee an advice that will help you Carry out your project properly.

Glass is one of the most used materials in modern architecture and not only as a basic element to isolate occupants from abroad, but because in their different varieties it has the ability to deliver comfort and provide aesthetic beauty to construction. This is even more true when we talk about artistic glass, which is also used as a decorative element that we have historically seen in architecture, through stained glass and mosaics.

Its beautiful colors, transparency, brightness, textures, hardness and durability, make glass an ideal material to isolate, separate or enhance environments, since at the same time it allows to take advantage of natural light.

With our advice you can solve your doubts about details of glass architecture in projects such as the following:

  • Doors showral.
  • Skiing, domes and windows.
  • Mosaics for floors, walls, pictures, swimming pools and exteriors.
  • Luminaires,
  • Other uses of artistic and architectural glass creating modern compositions for your environments, such as separating environments, decorating facades or creating decorative impact details.

Tell us about your project with glass architecture details and how you want to receive our advice. We will contact you very soon.