Birth - Mony
Birth - Mony
Birth - Mony

Birth - Mony

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Discover the magic of faith with our glass art piece, "birth", a unique creation of the "Faith Moments" of Margarita Llort. This beautiful representation of the birth of Jesus combines the Catholic tradition with the beauty of artisanal glass, capturing a sacred moment that has inspired millions through the centuries.

The "birth" includes figures of the Virgin Mary, San José, the baby Jesus and the three Magi, all framed by a brilliant star in the center. Each figure has been meticulously designed and elaborated by hand, highlighting the ability and dedication of our artisans. The abstraction of the human figure and the transparency game allow the light to interact in a fascinating way with the colors and textures of the glass, revealing the vivacity and depth of each piece.

The use of color artistic glass and delicate recorded in the costumes of the figures add a layer of elegance and sophistication to this piece, making every detail come alive with the light. The harmony and unique nature of each piece are the reflection of the meticulous selection and design process, ensuring that each "birth" is a bearer of peace, love and devotion to your home.

By acquiring this beautiful piece, you are not only taking home an expression of art and faith, but you are also making a difference in the lives of many children and young people. Thanks to our alliance with SOS Children's Villages, your purchase will contribute to prevent child abandonment, provide alternative care to girls, boys and adolescents who have lost parental care, and support young people to develop skills necessary to obtain decent employment opportunities .


  • Handmade decorative piece by artisans of glass art
  • Materials: artistic glass, mounting with copper termination and wire
  • Technique: stained glass 
  • Dimensions: High 30 cm x length 35 cm x width 12 cm/ HIGH; 11.81 in x length 13.78 in x width 4.72 in.
  • Weight: 2.04 kg /4.49 lb
  • Packaging: Our pieces are packed in cardboard box and protected with sponge and plastic bubble. We include a label with information on the technique used, hand done work and information about artists
  • Limited edition
  • Care: For cleaning it moistens a cloth with cleaning and rubbing carefully. You can also use warm water, a little soft soap and two tablespoons of vinegar to clean and remove the most rebellious spots or simply dirt. Remember to dry it after cleaning. You can use a piece of fabric or suede to rub and shine. Remember, friction can cause damage to the glass in its upper layer, avoid strong or rough fries. Avoid manipulation of the piece by glass, always take it from its wooden base or metal assembly to avoid detaching it. Do the same when taking it out of your packaging

How personalized gift

Our pieces can be personalized recording names, dates and dedications, allowing to express feelings and thanks that will be printed in an original gift

  • You can choose different typefaces and font styles.
  • You can also send us logos arts or other black and white image in vector or jpeg format to be recorded in the pieces at a minimum resolution of 300DPI. Please send to or to our whatsapp: +503 6303 9595
  • All orders are confirmed through an image in PDF for approval prior to being recorded.
  • We need at least 3 business days to engage.
  • You can request it by adding to your shopping cart a glass record recorded for an additional price of $ 9.00 in "Personalized gift"