DIY glass mosaic handcraft kit | Christmas Santa Design
DIY glass mosaic handcraft kit | Christmas Santa Design

DIY glass mosaic handcraft kit | Christmas Santa Design

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Create your own Christmas decorations with our DIY glass mosaic handcraft kits, sharing quality time with your loved ones.

Challenge your creativity building our glass mosaic Christmas kit, with
a simple and friendly technique. Watch and learn with our
step-by-step video tutorial here.

Each one of our glass mosaic kits brings everything you need to
assemble them easily:

1. Glass mosaics, in enough quantity and varied colors,
according to design
2. Wooden board
3. Drawing template
4. Easy instructions
5. Sample image
6. Glue
7. Porcelain


1. Each kit is sold separately

2. It includes the framework shown in the picture

3. Available sizes:

1. 30.8 cm width x 40.7 cm length / 12" width x 16" length
inches (including frame)

2. 20 cm width x 25 cm length / 7.87’’ width x 9.84’’ length
inches (including frame)

4. Each kit brings all necessary items to build the glass mosaic kit easily at home. Still, we provide the following tools to facilitate its process: Glass pliers/ breaker, wheel pistol glass cutter and a professional glass nippers 

Important recommendations: 

1. Use safety glasses, available in hardware stores

2. Children under the age of 8 building the glass mosaic kit
require adult supervision

3. Remember you are manipulating glass, you could hurt
yourself. Be extra careful when cutting the glass

If you are not sure about this technique, don’t worry, Vitrales can do it for you. Select the option “Finished product” from the drop-down menu at the top and we shall send you the glass mosaic Santa kit as a finished product