Perico Barbinaranja, Artistic Glass Figure
Piece of art in the form of Barbinanja Perico

Orange Chinned Parakeet, fused glass decorative handmade figurine

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Characterized by its green color in most of its plumage and the peculiar orange spot on its chin; The Barbinaranja Perico will contribute brightness and textures through its vibrant colors that distinguish the high quality artistic glass. 

In addition, each of the pieces that are part of the Vitronatura collection were designed, by Margarita Llort, with the purpose of raise awareness about environmental care. Since when acquiring the pieces of this collection you will be contributing to the saving initiatives to conserve the environment in our region. 

This effort inspired us to start working with "zero of perdicious" processes which translates Creative reuse of glass that has left over major projects, to transform it into raw material for the creation of innovative pieces. 

Characteristics of the Decorative Party Barbinaranja

  • Handmade decorative piece by artisans of glass art.
  • Materials: Artistic glass and certified wood base of cured pine. 
  • Technique: molten glass.
  • Dimensions: Front 11 cm x high 15 cm x 5 cm wide/ front 4.3 "x high 5.9" x width 2.0 "inches. 
  • Weight: 0.37 lbs/ 0.1 kg
  • Packaging: Our pieces are packed in cardboard box and protected with sponge and plastic bubble. We include a label with information on the technique used, hand -done work and information on artists.
  • Dimensions Packaging: Front 15 cm x high 16 cm x width 10 cm / front 5.9 "x high 6.3" x width 3.9 "inches
  • Packaging weight: 0.5 lbs/ 0.2 kg
  • Limited edition.
  • Care: For cleaning it moistens a cloth with cleaning and rubbing carefully. You can also use warm water, a little soft soap and two tablespoons of vinegar to clean and remove the most rebellious spots or simply dirt. Remember to dry it after cleaning. You can use a piece of fabric or suede to rub and shine. Remember, friction can cause damage to the glass in its upper layer, avoid strong or rough fries. Avoid manipulation of the piece by glass, always take it from its wooden base or metal assembly to avoid detaching it. Do the same when taking it out of your packaging.

The Barbinaranja Perico as a personalized gift

The beautiful pieces of Salvadoran artist Margarita Llort allow to convey feelings, values ​​and culture. Therefore, they can be personalized recording names, dates and dedications, which allows to express feelings and thanks that will be printed in an original gift.

  • You can choose different typefaces and font styles.
  • All orders are confirmed through an image in PDF for approval prior to being recorded.
  • You can also send us logos arts or other black and white image in vector or jpeg format to be recorded in the pieces at a minimum resolution of 300DPI. Send it to
  • We need at least 3 business days to engage in the wooden base
  • You can request it by adding to your shopping cart a glass record recorded for an additional price of $ 6.00