Torogoce couple, Fernando Llort
Torogoce couple, Fernando Llort
Torogoce couple, Fernando Llort

Torogoce couple, Fernando Llort

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Art of Fernando Llort transformed into glass in glass thanks to our artist Margarita Llort.

Our Torogoce Pareja Fernando Llort, is the beautiful representation of our national bird, highlighting the valuable characteristic of family unity, for couple participation in the care of their pigeons. 

It is a piece made by hand in artistic glass, contributing bright colors, brightness, textures and transparencies, characteristics that make this piece a beautiful decorative option to enhance a special environment or to deliver to someone who values ​​elegant details, as a gift for the home.

Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort said "I love and feel the colors, because they show me life within the light." Following that inspiration, he left us a lot of works that speak of the traditions of his beloved country, his surroundings and The Mayan culture.

By acquiring this piece you support the projects developed by the Fernando Llort Foundation inside and outside El Salvador, to boost individual and collective creativity, stimulating psychosocial and community well -being through art.


Characteristics of the Torogoce couple figure

  • Handmade decorative piece by specialized artisans of glass art.
  • Materials: Artistic glass and copper wire legs.
  • Technique: molten glass.
  • Dimensions: Front 11 cm x high 10 cm x width 12 cm / front 4.3 "x high 3.9" x width 4.9 "inches
  • Weight: 0.1 kg / 0.30 pounds
  • Packaging: Our pieces are packed in cardboard box and protected with sponge and plastic bubble. We include a label with information on the technique used, hand -done work and information on artists.
  • Dimensions Packaging: Front 15 cm x high 10 cm x width 15 cm / front 5.9 "x high 3.9" x width 5.9 "inches
  • Packaging weight: 0.2 kg/ 0.5 lbs
  • Limited edition.
  • Care: For cleaning it moistens a cloth with cleaning and rubbing carefully. You can also use warm water, a little soft soap and two tablespoons of vinegar to clean and remove the most rebellious spots or simply dirt. Remember to dry it after cleaning. You can use a piece of fabric or suede to rub and shine. Remember, friction can cause damage to the glass in its upper layer, avoid strong or rough fries.